Full Counsel Christian Fellowship

Dear Pastor/Ministry Head

Silas Johnson, Pastor

This letter is to introduce or recommend, as the case may be, the ministry of Reverend Curtis Gray.

Knowing the value of your time, I will get directly to the point. Our leadership had been praying for over two years for an increase in tithes and also concerning our Capital Stewardship Campaign. The Lord spoke to me that we were to have a “Financial Revival” during the Summer of ‘93 and that Rev. Gray was the one anointed to bring the revival. The results have been astoundingl Since the revival, our tithes are up by 38% (thousands of dollars per week) and the number of givers in our Capital Stewardship Program doubledt This is not just an emotional “flash in the pan” but the level is actually increasing each week.
But more important than the raw results, is what was done spiritually in our church. Many times after a meeting that focuses on finances, the congregation feels like it have been manipulated, fleeced, etc.; or it is left with a et rich quick mentality. But Curtis’ method of ministry is like a revival, exalting Christ and his principles, leaving the people challenged, yet refreshed and feeling good about giving. I can honestly say this was the best meeting we have ever had at Full Counsel.

I heartily recommend the ministry of Rev. Curtis Gray and honestly believe that he would bless your ministry.
In His Service

1600 Maple Street North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114 (501) 374-LOVE


Mailing Address: P05t Office Box 288 Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-0288