Curtis Gray Faith Ministries
"A Strong Teaching Ministry That Specializes In Sound Biblical Doctrine Concerning Your Finances"
Curtis Gray Faith Ministries (CGFM) has over 25 years of experience in church administration. The purpose of CGFM is to provide a spiritual covering and organizational support structure to pastors, churches and ministries of like precious faith for the provision of the following functions:

• Pastoral (Apostolic) Oversight - (Counsel)

• Training Support - Conferences, on-sight instruction, musical workshops, marriage seminars and financial training. *Pastoral training in financial independence, and investments.

• Fellowship - Provide support and moral enhancement through interaction among ministers and churches.

• Prayer - Intercession for pastors and churches and ministers.

• Convention, Seminars - CGFM will service your church by teaching the benefits of tithing, giving and reaping. Association, guarantees availability (travel has been limited due to pastoral care).

• Board Membership - To sit on the Board of Directors/Advisors etc., for the purpose of clergy salary and staff salary approval. Minimum of once a year.

• Conflict Resolution / Discipline Counsel - To assist the pastor in situations where an outside voice is needed to resolve issues (according to scripture) that may arise during pastorate.

• Assistance in Accountability and Integrity Issues in Church Structure - Assist Domestic Profit Organizations (or Non-Profit Organizations) with IRS employee tax ID, and tax exempt status. This will also include assistance in by-laws, charter, and licensing needs (license and ordination available through CGFM, Inc.).

• Evangelistic Training Sessions - Offered for young ministers, missionaries, and evangelists-provide on the field training when trainees are available to accompany CGFM to certain conferences and revivals.

• Audio Visual Ministry - Make available copies of messages to inspire and encourage.